Service Piece

To be honest, I am not really sure on what I want my service piece to be about. However, I thought I could do my service piece on the top ten best dog friendly parks here in Tampa.  You see, I was never a dog person, until my significant other decided to talk me into getting Leeloo. It was the best decision, that I have ever made. 

I want her to be friendly with other dogs and their owners. I want to set Leeloo up with some puppy play dates, where we can all walk around trails. If there are any beach parks, we could let them frolic on the sand or run through the water. I have taken my pup out to play with other dogs one time. I feel, puppy play dates could be the perfect thing for me and other fur pups and their owners. We can all have some good outdoor time, and find the best parks that we feel are suited for our pups.


Blog #5 Story Focus Sheet

When we are young, we always have dreams of what we want to be when we grow up. We all have had ideas of becoming teachers, basketball players, doctors or even scientists. However, we don’t always get there, when we think we will, or sometimes we don’t get there at all. Yet, some people are fortunate and brave enough to take a leap of faith and pursue their dream. For Mazie it wasn’t  just a dream. She knew it was going to get to done one way or another.  Having the idea come to life and watching people embrace her products, is a dream come true. Being her own boss and striving to be an entrepreneur.  Mazie created Southern Reclaim Co, with heart, grit and strong willed. She had to really hustle to get where and what she wanted in life. Being in her early twenties and sacrificing certain functions and gatherings at times can be challenging. Yet the reward of a customers appreciation and gratitude makes is all worth it.

mazie @ her shopMazie along with one of her clients are my two resources for the story. The client is someone Mazie is currently helping build his dream entertainment center and side tables. He was happy to speak briefly with me on their idea. He was willing to share details as long as I don’t take the idea and use it as my own.. (wink wink)  

Preparing For My First Interview

I just want to start off by saying that this was the first time I have ever had to do  a class assignment like this.  I was very nervous and excited all at the same time. I chose Mazie and her company  Southern Reclaim Co because we already had a relationship and I knew we would both be comfortable with each other. I’m also proud of her achievements and strife for more.  I went to see Mazie at the space she rents for her hand crafted goods.  I was able to ask her all of the questions I wanted to ask while we sat on stools drinking iced green tea from Starbucks.  She answered all of my questions with ease, comfort and pride. I was also able to get a few pictures.  I am glad Mazie gave me the opportunity to interview her in her space of creativity. I hope you folks like my first interview. 

Entrepreneur In The Making

We either have the mentality of a worker bee and work for someone else. Or, we have the mentality to be our own boss. I have the privilege of knowing a couple of young people who are brave enough to try their hand at owning their own business.  Mazie is someone I met a couple of months ago at my current job. She is trying to find her own way in this fish pond we call life. She is determined to be an entrepreneur and have her money make money for her. She has a business called Southern Reclaim Co. I was fortunate enough to get to interview her for my first official Interview assignment. Below are just a couple of questions I asked during my one on one with her.

  1. Tell me about your business?
  2. How Did you pick your business name?
  3. Where did you get the idea for this business? and what makes it unique?
  4. How do you advertise your business?
  5. Where do you get your inspirations from?
  6. What have you learned about yourself since working for yourself?
  7. Where do you see your business in five years?
  8. Did you always see yourself owning your own business?
  9. What is your favorite aspect about being an entrepreneur?
  10. What advice would you give aspiring entrepreneurs?

This is her first business and its starting to kick off.  She is creative and really bright. I hope to contribute to getting the word out for Southern Reclaim Co.

Today’s Aha Moment!

 Ladies and gentlemen, I have finally chosen who I am going to interview for my class assignment. I thought long and hard about this for the last few days, that is until today. Today I had an aha moment as my dear old friend Oprah would say. It came to me as soon as I seen her and then the questions started to form. Why didn’t I think of her sooner. Why didn’t she go to the top of my list. However, you know what, none of that matters because I asked her and she said yes. Not just a yes, but a “hell yes! let’s do this”. I am super excited to meet with her this weekend and get to know more about her ideas and her blooming business. You folks will want to get on her website and purchase some of the lovely goods she’s has to offer. Mark my words folks, she’s coming up!!!

Her name is Mazie and her business is Southern Reclaim Co. She has a great up and coming business. She has some fantastic ideas and it doesn’t hurt that she’s witty and pretty. She’s recently partnered with a great company to showcase her work and she offers individual custom work for companies. She works with her hands to create wonderful things for any one and their needs. I can’t wait to find out how she got the idea to start her new business and what inspires her to work with wood.

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my blog. This is my first blog! and  I am very excited about this journey and what I will be learning in my Journalism/mass communication class.  Let me start by telling you about myself and how I got to be here.

I was born and raised in California and I’m full blooded Mexican. I love everything about my culture and I am very proud to be Chicana.  In my early twenties  I was living in San Francisco with the intention of running free and doing as I please. Adulting and school was not on the agenda. Instead I was waitressing and going to many concerts, eating and dancing the night away. Making it rain on everything reckless. I was living on friends couches and having fun. Yet, it got old soon so I moved to Tampa, Florida.

Living here without my family was an adjustment but I’ve made it work. I built a life away from the people I knew and the places I knew. I have met so many great good hearted people here in Tampa. I have built a home for myself. I am no longer on someone else’s couch. I now share a home with my boyfriend who is a hoot and we have an awesome dog named LeeLoo Dallas and she’s my everything.

However, Shortly after moving to Florida I was inspired to do more for myself and start adulting.  So I decided to go to school and this is my second semester. I decided to major in Mass Communications. I honestly don’t know as of yet where in the field I fit into but I am hoping to find out. Yes, I have a lot to learn however I am determined and will do the best to my abilities. Let the journey into this unknown territory begin.